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Everyone wants a long lasting, even spray tan that fades nicely. We deliver a customised experience knowing that not everyone is the same…


A customised spray tan takes into account varying needs, time-frames and skin tones to ensure your tan looks exactly the way you desire.

When customising a spray tan, there are contributing factors that determine the success and overall result.

These contributing factors are the amount of tan sprayed on to the body, the colour of your natural skin tone, how long the tan is left to develop on your skin and whether your skin is fair, medium or dark to begin with.


Depending on what you are doing and what you want your tan for, (holiday, party, event) we will advise you on the correct development time. Development time is a crucial factor in how light or dark your tan will be. We also do not apply just one type of solution. We use green, violet, or ash based tans to achieve the result that works with your natural skin tone.

Our tan is 100% naturally derived DHA, can be washed off from 1 hour and is infused with coconut water and aloe vera for hydration, and better yet, does not fade patchy.

Some areas of the body will require extra coats in order for your tan to look natural, streak-free and even. We achieve this by applying our airbrush, layering technique, and because what we want more than ever is for your tan looks as faultless as possible, we do not charge any additional costs for extra coats.

We understand that clients have different needs, and that having a spray tan is a very personal experience. We can also ensure that your visit with us will feel relaxed and at ease.


Customised Full Body Spray Tan

The full body, head to toe

Spray Tan Half Body

Includes the legs only OR torso, arms,neck and face.
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Our tans can be shared and they don’t expire!

Three Tans

$99 ($33 each)
Save and bring in a group of three of you. Perfect for small bridal parties or have them all for yourself.

Five Tans

$150 ($30 each)
Save and bring in a group of five of you, perfect for bridal parties or have them all for yourself.

Ten Tans

$270 ($27 each)
Bring in a group of you or have them all for yourself.
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